Lotion Bar and Sanitiser




20% OFF when you buy these two products together.

Hard Lotion Body Bar – normally sold at $22
Treat your skin to an all natural lotion bar that will nourish, moisturise and protect your whole body.
Features & benefits
– Crafted with organic cocoa butter and beeswax
– Subtle citrus fragrance to enhance your mood
– Smoothes and hydrates dry lips, face, hands
– Perfect to help nourish and protect your hands after using sanitiser
– Ideal size to pop into your handbag
– Vegetarian and cruelty free
– Water & preservative free
– Suitable for all skin types
– 32g
Directions – Rub the bar between your hands then glide over your skin where needed.  Ideal for use on dry lips, hands, cheeks, elbows, knees and heels.
Hand Sanitiser and Household Spray normally $20
Instant and convenient protection against most germs. This hand sanitiser contains 75% isopropyl alcohol as recommended by the WHO.Contains moisturising ingredients leaving your hands clean, refreshed and healthy.  
Features and benefits
– Protect yourself on-the-go– No rinse required– Non-sticky formulation– Convenient spray bottle for easy use on hands or household items– Provitamin B5 and Glycerine to help hydrate and prevent hands from drying out– Glass bottle for easy recycling– Small enough to carry in your car or handbag– 100mlDirections – Spray onto hands, wrists and fingernails and rub until dry.  For use on household items, spray item and allow to air dry.Pair with Natural Me Skin Care Hard Lotion Body Bar to help protect your hands from the drying effects of sanitiser.

Lotion Bar & Sanitiser